For many years one of Britain’s major picture archives has been based discreetly in Edenbridge. TopFoto is an important source for professional picture researchers the world over and images from its vast archive constantly appear in newspapers, books and on TV.

The germ of the collecton was the The John Topham archive which Alan Smith purchased in 1975.  John Topham was based locally in Hever, and was a brilliant photographer of the everyday, capturing numerous wonderful images of the way we lived, mostly in Kent, in the early days of the twentieth century. Captivated by this archive Alan Smith has gone on to acquire many more and TopFoto’s images now number many million.

EVE is TopFoto’s more public little sister sharing a selection of these fascinating images as decorative prints and on a range of gift items.We sell high quality, affordable, digital prints to art lovers and collectors all over the world, from classic news images to top photographers, and gorgeous prints of great paintings.

EVE is a physical as well as an online gallery and is a shop window for TopFoto. Many of the exhibitions in the gallery are drawn from the TopFoto archives.

And EVE is also a publishing imprint – set to grow.

Our EVE Gallery is open to the public during normal office hours.