Our latest venture is our publishing imprint, Eve Editions. Already published are ‘Someone like me’ by Emily Smith and ‘Radiant Illusion’ edited by Nicholas Deakin.

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Radiant Illusion

The story of young middle class people who joined the British Communist Party (CPGB) in the 1930s has too often been seen through the distorting prism of cold war values.
This book presents a more balanced picture of their beliefs and actions, one in which these 1930s recruits emerge as intelligent and sensitive people, well aware of the implications of the decisions that they took in the highly stressful political circumstances of the times.
Hindsight shows that some of their judgments were wrong. But their errors should not be allowed to devalue the genuine idealism that motivated them at the time – and subsequently.
‘Radiant Illusion’ draws on archives, family papers and personal memories, including individual case studies, which were presented at public lectures and seminars at Gresham College London in 2013 and 2014 (see www.gresham.ac.uk).


Someone Like Me

When an eco-friendly sister takes sweet vengeance on her sex-in-the-city socialite sibling, our materialistic heroine avoids destitution by joining forces with the new-age family her sister left behind. Condemned to the purgatory of working as an au pair for a family who prefer lentil stew over Beef Wellington, she is forced to swop Harvey Nichols’ Prada for Charity Shop Primark, and bring forth the maternal instincts that she’d happily traded in at birth for a glitzy London career. Despite her determination to remain unsullied by the hippy lifestyle she is forced to inhabit, she forms an unlikely alliance with her three young charges. Lovers for breakfast and spiritual choices no deeper than deciding which Alexander McQueen outfit to wear with her latest impossibly high heels, is the life she left behind and desperately wants back. But our heroine falls for a man as deep as she is shallow, and for the first time in her life begins to build – and fight for – relationships that actually mean something. In this fast-paced, wickedly funny satirical comedy, our anti-heroine learns that on the way to getting even, being square isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.