We have a regular programme of exhibitions and events in our dedicated gallery space in Edenbridge. We cover a wide range – international stars and local heroes, often featuring lectures and talks.

Many of the shows are inspired by the millions of photographs in the Topfoto archive, founded by Hever based photographer John Topham in 1927 and owned by the Smith family since 1975.

EVE gallery also houses a small shop where you can buy greetings cards, EVE edition books and local handmade chocolate!

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Regular exciting exhibitions in Edenbridge

Some of the broad range of exhibitions EVE and TopFoto have hosted over recent years.

…A phase I’m going through… photographs by Paul Houlton

A Drive Down Memory Lane: photographs by Stella Scordellis

Afghanistan – photographs by Harriet Logan included Sandy Gall in conversation

Art of Food: photographs by Marie-Louise Avery

Chiddingstone Primary School: Year 5 Art Exhibition

EDENBRIDGE MUSIC & ARTS TRUST: Three Counties Annual Art Exhibition

EVA Eden Valley Artists – Annual Art Exhibition

Exposures: photographs by Jane Bown

Illustrating the Point: original illustrated art exhibition

John Surtees: my incredible life on two and four wheels with John Surtees in conversation

Ken Russell: Filmmaker & Photographer.

Music in Focus – photographs by Clive Barda. Prints available

Self Unlimited: choices for people with learning difficulties – art exhibition

Snapshots of History: photographs by Stuart Heydinger supplied by Kingston Museum

Soviet Times Russian Times: photographs by RIA Novosti

Stitchworks: needlework art by Jackie Adkins and Jo Senior

The Beat Hotel: photographs by Harold Chapman

The Glory of English Ballet: photographs by Colin Jones

with Beryl Grey and Colin Jones in conversation

The Lion’s Roar: Sir Winston Churchill an exhibition of photographs

We Taught The World To Play: Jaques London and Edenbridge

Winston’s Serious Whim: photographs by Glen James Hartle following Churchill’s footsteps in 1895 Cuba

XC: original paintings by Victor Kuell to celebrate his 90th birthday